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  1. Douglas

    What’s the difference between Ziji and other Morinaga products? Ziji is alot more expensive than similar products.

    • Joe Leavers

      Hi Douglas, I’m gonna try to be brief to save you a huge read. Zija’ is packaged in a way that it seals the nutrition in. The packaging method is pharmaceutical quality and has an actual pending panted because of it’s uniqueness.
      So what does that mean?
      Nutrition when it is cut from the plant starts loosing it’s potency pretty quickly after a couple of days. Zija packaging guarantees freshness and can actually be stored for up to a year. Which is really amazing. So It’s potency and quality is there for far beyond any other Moringa company mostly due to this.
      I have actually tried multiple other Moringa products and only the Zija products gives results that I have experienced because the nutrition is still fully alive.
      So Zija costing a little more means you are getting actual life changing nutrition. Anything you find some where on a health food store shelf or order off of Amazon is going to be dead nutrition. A literal waste of money.
      I hope that answers your question Douglas. There is more on this you can read at http://joeleavers.com/what-is-zija/

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