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When deciding to work in Austria, there are inevitably numerous questions that relate not only directly to work, but also to such areas as housing, health care, social security, etc. On the following pages you will find useful advice, contact information and links, which will help you find answers to these important questions.

Here you will find a brief overview of the health insurance system, including compulsory insurance, family co-insurance and medical services. The portal of the Social Security System provides detailed information on preventive measures for health promotion, services and service of sickness funds. The business membership organisations are here with the best options now.

Labor market

What is the conjuncture in the labor market? What kind of salary can a worker or an employee expect? What forms of work are the most common? What are the rights and duties of a hired worker? What is social partnership?

Here you can find information on the labor market, labor law, forms of employment , salaries for workers and employees, and holidays .

The website of the portal for professional mobility informs about vacancies in all countries of the European Union. You can find a list of recruitment agencies and job portals on the website of the AMS labor exchange, the main focal point for all those who are looking for work.

Language – Learning

The multilingual language portal offers a wide range of online ourses for beginners and advanced students who want to improve their knowledge of the language. Training and training material is provided free of charge. On the portal you will also find contact details of all certified institutes offering courses and many other countries around the world.

Education and professional development

Recognized throughout the world, the education system is distinguished by close cooperation between the economy and the educational institutions themselves. Along with the classical institutions of the education system, a number of international schools operate in the country, teaching in which is conducted in additional languages.

Recognition of education and professional qualifications

The official recognition of professional qualifications obtained abroad and education in the form of secondary school diplomas and higher education diplomas can improve your chances in the labor market.

Tax system

All income received abroad for individuals who have a permanent residence or habitual residence is subject to income tax.

The Federal Ministry of Finance provides detailed information on the taxation system in general and on the taxation of employees in particular. You may also be interested in information about current agreements on the prevention of double taxation.


How much does it cost to live and how to find an apartment? In comparison with other countries, the country is distinguished by a good price-quality ratio of housing. Here you will find information and links on topics such as finding a home, renting a house and purchasing it in the property, the duty of timely registration.

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